Yellow Quilted Pattern Padded Racing Seat 21 X 22 X 38 In. Overall Dimensions


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It is a sad fact that the seats in most production cars don’t do avery good job of holding a driver in place. First, seats must be designed tofit all different sizes and types of bodies. Also, most drivers are morefocused on comfort than on how well they’re held in place. If you track your car,or are just looking for a seat upgrade that will make you feel more in control,be sure to check out the racing seats we stock at CA Auto Parts. You can choosefrom fixed position or reclinable; single seats or pairs; and leather, PVC, or woven cloth upholstery. Different color choices abound as well. You will be pleasantly surprised at our direct-to-you pricing, which will have you ordering up new seats in no time!

Specifics and Features:

  • Made of High Quality Steel & Vinyl Leather
  • 4-Point Seat Belt Harness or OEM Style Seat Belts
  • Deep Thigh Bolsters to Keep the Driver Firmly Placed in Seat
  • Strong, Durable Steel Frame Covered with Comfortable Injection-Molded Foam and Vinyl Leather
  • Support for Shoulder and Lower Back
  • 21″ W X 22″ D X 38″ H Overall Dimensions
  • 12″ Seat Width X 10.5″ Backrest Width X 34″ Backrest height X 19.5″ Seat Depth
  • Reclineable Seats
  • Quilted Pattern Stitch Sections
  • Bottom Mount Sliders


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